Lemon greens

“a fresh day starts with a fresh drink!”

I always start a day with a cup of my-made Crystal clear water. A cup of Lemon greens follows and after 15-30-45 min it makes wonders to my digestion, literally.

Ingredients for Lemon greens morning drink

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  • lemon, 1 or 1.5 piece
  • parsley leaves, handful
  • honey, 1 table spoon
  • water, 350 ml or 1.5 cup (its the same volume in different measuring systems)

How to make it:

  • squeeze lemons and cut the greens in medium-sized pieces
  • mix in a blender all ingredients for 1 min at a medium speed
  • let it sit for a while to separate a juice drink from a foam
  • strain a juice drink and its ready!

How I drink it:

I sit down and relax in my favorite chair, than swallow Lemon greens in a small amount little by little, no hurry here:). Keeping my time and just relaxing after for few minutes.

What Im doing with lemon peels and greens’ waste:

  • lemon peels will be used for kitchen sink refreshment Le-la aroma
  • greens’ waste will be used for Bokashi compost and Bokashi brew

Lemon greens drink gives a dose of freshness to my mouth, and to my day too:)

First time I tried a similar drink in one Krakow restaurant and was just amazed about a tonic and refreshing effect it had. Well, my version is much more green in colour probably because I am using a blender and bigger portion of greens. Sometimes I drink it without straining, but I noticed my digestive system works much better with a strained version.

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