“the mystery of alchemy is to make something from nothing, some value from no value”

Who cares about vegetable peels? Nobody eats it, nobody needs it. However, as I started to transform to a plant-based food, those enormous amounts of peeeels and stems drove me crazy. As a chemists, I realise its value as a source of vital vitamins, minerals, biologically active compounds, but…the only way for vegetable and fruit peels supposed to be directly to a trash bin.

Bokashi composting

The situation changed when I discovered a composting system which is suitable to function at an apartment. No bad smell, no flies, no bad experience at all. However, a specific fermentation bacteria is needed. Bokashi composting system enables to turn vegetable/fruits peels into a pre-compost, which should be mixed with a soil. After 2 weeks it turns into a “black gold”, as some authors call it. It is literally a gold value for outdoor or indoor flowers, fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables, any plants.

Bokashi pre-compost after 2 weeks of fermentation

After few months I discovered that Im actually do not need no more enriched soil, or…I need to buy a garden:) Yes, I had it too much, and my friends also were supplied properly. Luckily, around that period an outdoor composting bin for an apartment block appeared.

However, more than half a year and up to now I am making Bokashi pre-compost constantly and use only a liquid product of the fermentation – Bokashi brew.

During fermentation process, a concentrated fermented liquid from vegetables/fruits peels forms. That is another great value, I call it Bokashi brew. I always need this liquid, because it is an absolutely natural vital supplement for plants, and those plants grow like crazy! Moreover, Families with small children or pets like cats and dogs, could use it, because there are no chemicals inside.

How to use Bokashi brew:

I dilute it in a proportion 1:100, that means 1 ml of Bokashi brew is dissolved in 100 ml of water; or 10 ml of Bokashi brew are dissolved in 1000 ml (1 liter) of water; or 100 ml of Bokashi brew are dissolved in 10000 ml (10 liters) of water, and so on.

Bokashi brew: colour depends on a type of plant-based waste

The colour of Bokashi brew depends on a type of vegetable/fruit peels I put in. For example, it turns cherry-red when I use more beetroots in my ration. I noticed, I get more liquid product when I use juicy staff, for example, cucumber or watermelon peels for fermentation.

Where/how to use Bokashi composting system?

  • I collect all plant-based waste during a day in a small container at the kitchen
Container with a plant-based waste at the kitchen
  • In the evening, I transfer a waste to the Bokashi bucket at the utility closet. I have two Bokashi buckets and that is a great advantage: while one of them is full and tightly closed during fermentation for 2 weeks, another is filled with daily plant waste. So, the process is always on the go.
Bokashi making in process
  • Outdoor is not suitable for keeping Bokashi buckets
  • There are no bad smell at my apartment, though it is not big one. I can smell some pickly/yeasty smell inside the utility closet, but not at a hall or anywhere else at the apartment. To keep the buckets always tightly closed is an important point, fermentation bran will do the rest (ensure fermentation, convert smells to slightly pickly)
  • I label (name, date) and keep a Bokashi brew liquid in a refrigerator up to 2 weeks, when produced in an excess
Bokashi brew in a refrigerator

My indoor and balcony plants are absolutely amazing and grow like crazy after I started to use Bokashi brew! The garden experts whom I know could confirm the impact of Bokashi brew too. One family had revitalize their sunflowers and grow them up to 5 meters! Moreover, their pumpkins are unimaginably large without any chemical fertilisers, but only with Bokashi brew!

This post is not an advertisement for a company, however, that company made an amazing product, Bokashi composting, which has a positive impact in my daily routine. Appreciate their efforts and knowledge!

Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal experience to tell you what helped me and still helps me to feel well (wealthy:)). All posts on this site are for educational purposes and entertainment only. Before trying anything, be sure it matches your needs and the instructions of your equipment.

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