Turmeric tongues are jummy ones

Only two ingredients of homemade jummies could bring a new experience for a mouth’s sensors. And of course, some healthy/wealthy benefits.


  • Dry apricots, washed, handful
  • Turmeric root, fresh and washed, 2 pcs

How to make it:

  • Make a cut till a half of dry apricot and put a coin-size piece of turmeric root inside. Its ready!

Important note!

Dry organic apricots should be dark in colour. Bright and vivid orange colour shows there was a specific chemical treatment with sulfur dioxide (E220).

Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal experience to tell you what helped me and still helps me to feel well (wealthy:)). All posts on this site are for entertainment only. The posts do not provide any dietetic service, medical advice or treatment for anyone, including but not limited to pregnant, breast-feeding women, suffering from acute/chronic diseases or other health concerns, food intolerance, latent health conditions, healthy people, etc. Take care!

Turmeric plant could be grown at home, just from a fresh turmeric root. Here are my beautiful turmeric plants, 50 cm and 70 cm in high:

And first harvest on April 2020: https://z-antenna.com/2020/04/05/prophylactic-self-isolation-for-garden-preparation-day-24th/

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