Prophylactic self-isolation for body purification. Day 19th.

Since COVID-19 came to us, little by little all nail salons around the Globe started to close. That mean that huge percentage of ladies will not be able to renew their gels and acryls. And that is actually for good! (if you looking for transition to Nature, of course:)) Just check an online info about “potential risks of gel and acrylic nails” and be sure you understood what is written there…You know, nowadays it is actually not enough to put a statement that we CAN READ, the statement should be that we DO READ and DO UNDERSTAND what is written, right?:)

My new-era nail story has started more than year ago

Since January 2019, I started avant-garde methods and experiments for external body purification and natural beauty to come. One of it was a total disregard to nail polish (and, as a result, for acetone(non-acetone)-based lacquer removers), cuticle oils and cuticle softeners.

Transition to Nature does cost, that is true, but later on, natural appearance just goes by itself with minimum efforts done and perfect well-looking.

Though, my nails were always “not bad” and I never used gel or acrylic nails*, the few first months period without regular nail cosmetics were terrible. It was like, when I took a look to my nails during the day, I was shocked and frightened, it seemed that it was always DIRTY UNDER NAILS and they seemed to be UGLY SHAPED. Don’t think I forgot about nail hygiene, no no! Oppositely, I was searching on internet for the solutions to keep nails naturally good looking and experimenting with different naturally-based (home made) products at home. However, back-to-Nature time takes a time and I just continued.

*except few times when I tried and that fake stuff (gel nails) just felt off. I was told, my nails are not created for gel nails. So much thanks for that!

Follow-up the nail story. While most of my friends and familiars were wearing gels and acrylics, I was just there on general meetings or coffee/tea meetings just with my NAKED NAILS. Little by little I get used to the view of my dim nails, and later started to like them more and more. Now they look just great, non-artificially colored, but strong and nice looking. For more than a year my family saves on my salon manicures/pedicures, because now Im doing it at home easily.

Most of natural self-hygiene solutions are so cheap and so easy, that sometimes it is even suspicious:))) However, one should realize, Nature gives us all the beauty, just let it do it.

Coco Nail Beauty hand bath

My hand/nail procedure Coco Nail Beauty:

  • warm water till 40-45 °C temperature
  • add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and 1 (one) drop of your favorite essential oil (tea tree oil, fir oil, lavender, etc)
  • enjoy a hand-bath for 10-15 minutes
  • then remove excess of fat with paper towel and
  • listen relaxing music for 15 minutes more (skip this step if children are going rounds to catch your attention:))

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Prophylactic self-isolation for peaceful mind and creation. Day 18th.

External trigger (COVID-19) continues its influence on our new, extraordinary daily routine.

And me, I continue going deep to my new lovely hobby – painting. And my friends, continue or have started their new hobbies too! As for example, backing of home bread, sports at home, meditating, learning English, knitting, cooking and sharing the recipes on fb groups and painting as well!

Amazing people do spend amazing time at homes!

Credits (from left to right, from top to bottom): Blue Wave by D. San; series Eucalyptus paradise (not finished) by A. Palatronis; Buckwheat bread by Božena; Garlic bread by Barbara; The Bird of Great Hope by Carmen; homemade bread by Svatava on

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Latest sketch of lentil soup could provoke a joyful whoop!

Because of my transformation to Nature-food has started from 2019 January, many aspects of live within these days, including self-isolation, are so easy-go and even joyful for me and my family. We take a time to relax, to spend time together, to clean our space, to create, to write, to paint, to cook, and of course to eat, but just a simply food:)

The story of the lentil soup in my kitchen is so successful, that I definitely need to share the recipe with my readers:) Before 2020, when time to time we had guests at our home (the restaurants were open than, right?:)), the rooted meat-eaters have told me – that that is the best soup ever. No meat is there, and bliss comes into the body and mind. Time to try this soup, it is a Lent time for everyone now:)


  • White onion, 1 pcs
  • Clarified (Ghee) butter, 50 g
  • Fenugreek seeds, freshly milled, 2 Tbsp
  • Red lentils, 0.5 cup
  • Water, boiled, 2 cups
  • Salt, 1 tsp
  • Staghorn sumak, 1 Tbsp
  • Lemon, 1-2 pcs
  • Peppermint leaves, fresh

How to make it?

  • Wash red lentils in running water until water is clean
  • Soak red lentils in 1-2 liters of fresh water overnight or at list for 8 hours
  • After soaking lentils, rinse it once again in fresh water and drain
  • Cut onion into pieces and sweat with butter in a soup pot until onion is translucent
  • Add milled fenugreek, sweat for few minutes more
  • Add soaked red lentils and stew for 5 min more
  • Add hot boiled water, stir well, bring to a boil, close a pot lid and simmer for 15 min
  • Cool down the mixture, add salt and mix in a blender for 1-2min
  • Serve with lemon pieces, fresh mint and sumak
Lentil soup

Important note! In the original version of the lentils soup, which I found to be a traditional Turkish soap, wheat flour is usually being used for sweating the onions. As I avoid any kind of cereal flour as much as possible (mostly in 99%), I replace flour with milled fenugreek seeds. I found milled fenugreek to be a good replacement for flour by texture (for this specific recipe) and more beneficial in terms of nutritional impact. Anyway, a year ago the recipe of traditional Turkish lentil soap has opened me a new era of tastes:)

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Prophylactic self-isolation for Lent quotation. Day 16th.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities. From Religions – Christianity: Lent – BBC

Jesus fasted during his time in the wilderness, and so Christians identify with his suffering by abstaining from particular foods during this time, including meat, fish, milk and egg products. From The Story of Lent | The Children’s Society

Nature gives us all, but its yearly birth in spring time, for birds’ nesting, wild animals to have a possibility joyfully play in their forests, should be respected. By abstaining from particular foods like slaughtered animals, fish, milk and eggs, humankind shows respect to Mother Nature and is more likely to live in harmony on this Planet. During the last decades, all over the world, ignorance and disrespect to Nature has grown into enormous scale.

If not forced by Nature like this year 2020, spring time should always look like this, like self-isolation and peaceful time with yourself and your family: no idle sitting at cafeterias and restaurant, no festivals, no concerts, no festivities at this time! Give a short breathing-space for slaughtered all-year-round animals, for drugs’ overdosed poultry, for the rivers and lakes…

And… what is Easter for us? Buying/selling MORE slaughtered animals and eggs than during Lent time? Buying/selling plastic chicks for table decoration and folding plastic eggs into plastic wrap for children?…The sad story we having within decades…

It’s probably Lent time…

Painting by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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Prophylactic self-isolation. It is a TIME to have a TIME. Day 15th.

All of the sudden, everybody wants to go for a walk because… because its forbidden! And if just to remember all those sunny days years and years before…on the sunny day we were, including me😅, at shopping malls, inside restaurants and cafeterias, sitting somewhere Inside.

All of the sudden everybody needs it, needs the Sun. Now, when it is forbidden, we realize the value of true things that matter…

What is your true value?…

Nevertheless, we have created that Inside (houses, building blocks, apartments, villas, …), so now it is the time to use our home space properly and spend time wisely. How much time we were crying: “Ouh, if I would just have a time to do this and that…”, “I would like with a pleasure, but Im in hurry and don’t have time for it now”, “I will do it later, no time for it now”, “I love to do it, but have no time”…remember?

There is no so much Sun available right now, but all of that Time which we were always in lack – is here now and ready to serve you. Right NOW it is a time to have a time! Will you spend it wisely for positive transformation?

The list for myself:

  • stretching sport (online, life)
  • beginner course for gardener (online course)
  • illustration techniques (online course)
  • characters’ drawing (online course)
  • finish to write my scientific paper
  • reading the book “Mucusless diet healing system” by A. Ehret

Ohou! Probably two weeks would be not enough!

The most valuable think is already done and it is amazing. Today I cooked lentil soup online with my relatives, being far away from them for thousands km. We were speaking on phone, sharing pictures and short videos of step-by-step cooking…

More so, I wrote to other people who are dear for me, relatives and friends, and made sure they are in good mood, switching their concentration to positive programming, sharing positive affirmations available online and just sending them a smile:)

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