Prophylactic self-isolation for garden preparation. Day 12th.

Today I squeezed a cabbage/carrot/cranberry juice (diluted with water 1:1),

Pulp and juice

and the pulp, along with other veggie/fruits peels, is going for the first portion of Bokashi compost!

Last year, in 2019, I started my new project on fertilizing the plants with exclusively natural fertilizer by using Bokashi system. I stopped it for a winter season and now it is just a time to renew a successful activity. Those friends of mine who added Bokashi brew for routine watering of their plants were just amazed by the results!

About my Bokashi composting set

I wrote the post about my Bokashi composting set and you may find it by clicking on the link Bokashi – my organic composting at home. My Bokashi composting set is in the action all year round!

If some of my readers would be interested, I bought my Bokashi online:

Skaza Bokashi Organko Set (2 x 16 L) | 2 Composters from Recycled Plastic | Starter Set for Kitchen & Garden Composting | with EM Bokashi Bran 1 kg (Black-Green)

Have a question about Bokashi? – I would be happy to share my personal experience with you, just let me know in the comments below or contact by email

Product(s) link(s) may include affiliate links

This blog post is NOT SPONSORED. I purchased the Bokashi set mentioned in this post myself and feel very satisfied with this product and its positive impact to my garden.

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