Prophylactic self-isolation for moments of friendship appreciation. Day 82nd.

That is how small tiny dreams come true – in a way you could not expect it: I always was looking for this plant with beautiful special pink blooming stem, but my mind always reminded me that I have enough indoor plants and there will be no place for new ones.

And here it came, through your hands, my friend, and I am happy:)

Miracle flower of friendship – flower on bloom. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

How was my surprise to see the purple flower after few days! All the time before, I thought this kind of indoor flowers has only that pink stem in bloom, that’s all.

But it appeared, that the infinite bloom exists, infinite bloom of friendship, the purple flower on the flower!

Miracle, isn’t it?:)

Cover image (Two birds in the sky) by Pexels

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