Prophylactic self-isolation for plastic escape appreciation. Day 141st.

This is not a sponsored blog post. This is the blog post by the human being

This is not a sponsored blog post. This is the blog post by the human being who appreciates conscious steps in business.

Small things matter – small things change the world for better.

Plastic strip holding the label is replaced by natural, biodegradable material – a jute thread

It appears that everything is possible, even impossible things. Just need to add a bit of true passion and implement the vision. My respect and inner rejoice!

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Prophylactic self-isolation for emo-C evaluation. Day 140th.

Great way to stabilize a day. Great way to be OK

by Dr. A. Palatronis

Part 8 from X

About the balance between physical and emotional bodies

On the left:
Resting energy expenditure of organs
and tissues (1). “Other” consisted of adipose tissue, bone, skin, intestine and glands.
On the right:
Emotional needs to keep the body toned up.

Keeping physical and emotional bodies properly supplied with essential nutritious and “emotional”calories, contributes to a balance on physical and emotional levels.

As a result, it leads to self-satisfaction, better well-being and not overeating.

Well-feeling induces well-eating and one should work on it daily

Ingredients for Emotional diet (make it within the next 7 days)

ActivityWhat to do?DurationScore
Watch the skyTake a break, calm down and just watch the sky, enjoy5 min10
Watch the SunLook at the sky and watch the Sun (with sunglasses! take care, okay!), enjoy5 sec – 1 min5
Watch the MoonTry to find the Moon on the sky and watch it, enjoy5 min10
Watch the starsWatch the stars and enjoy5 min10
One of the activities to increase emotional stability and well-feeling

It is impossible” syndrome

“Well, the Sun is Sun, the Moon is Moon, what is interesting about it? I can always search, if needed, Moon phase on my phone app. Honestly, I do not need”.

That could be the standard answer. “I could search on my phone app”…

Well, how to feel the connection with the planet(s) if looking for them on an electronic device, not in reality? We definitely have the connection to electronic devices, but not to any planet, because we do not pay any attention to the great things around, only to small things which do not matter for living being.

How to feel the connection with the planet(s) if looking for them on an electronic device, not in reality?

How to sense Nature with the eyes closed?

Eyes are closed, could you seen the Moon?… Credit: Unknown artist, graffiti

Today, on July 30, 2020, till 8 pm it is Ekadashi time – the time for fasting and self-cleaning. Ekadashi is calculated according to the Moon phase. It is believed that on this day, approximately twice a month, the body does not need any food and could withstand without food easily, and clean itself from the inside.

While following Ekadashi fasting, one should keep in mind – the Moon is not on a phone app, the Moon is on the sky

The Moon is in the sky

P. S. Have not read about emo-C before? Here is the main info from my previous posts:

What is emo-C in a daily-life?  Emo-C is the “emotional calories” to feed emotional body
Why to apply emo-C in an every-day life?  Emo-C allows to reach inner stability and well-feeling. When we feel well, peaceful and stable, – there is no need to overeat or crave for food
 Could be beneficial if overcoming difficult daily-life or challenging life situations
 Helps to reduce stress, actually it reduces unproductive and destructive stress feeling and leads to the proper responses and actions when needed
What should be done to ensure emo-C consumption?  Emotional calories are achieved by conducting specific activities within a day. These activities contribute to inner stability, peacefulness and well-feeling
How much scores per day?At least 100 scores are needed to ensure day’s intake of emotional calories
Activities to ensure “consumption” of emotional calories  These activities are graduated from very easy and taking just a few seconds to do, to some-how difficult, new, challenging, surprising and taking up to 0.5-1.0 hour
 Should be conducted regularly within all the day  
 Start from one activity, maintain it within a week and later add one more, any of those which seems for you good enough to try  
Main information about what is Emo-C and its benefits to daily well-feeling

You can find my previous about emo-C here:

  • Emo-C part 1 About emotional and physical bodies in one
  • Emo-C part 2 How to “eat” emotional calories – Nature observation
  • Emo-C part 3 Ingredient for Emotional diet – yoga pose Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Emo-C part 4 Ingredient for Emotional diet – creative hobby
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  • Emo-C part 7 Ingredient for Emotional diet – Drinking water slowly


  1. McClave SA, Snider HL. Dissecting the energy needs of the body. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care. 2001;4(2):143-7

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Prophylactic self-isolation for juicy grapefruit appreciation. Day 139th.


This recipe is endless, because from a pulp of squeezed fruits a tasty banana vegan, non-wheat-flour muffins could be made later!



  1. for warm days to refresh the body

Before you start:

Passive timeactive timeequipment neededservings
4-8 h15 minjuicer2

PASSIVE TIME is time before, during or after food preparation when nothing should be done, just waitingsoaking, sprouting, cooling down, freezing
ACTIVE TIME is factual time spent in a kitchen for preparationcutting, washing, boiling, crashing, mixing
EQUIPMENT NEEDEDspecific kitchen equipment, if not counting regular tools like pots, spoons or knifes

PASSIVE TIME for this recipe is time for fruits to sit on a counter overnight or at least 4 hours before juicing (if fruits were in a refrigerator before). While fruits are taken out from a refrigerator and put to a warmer place (on a counter), warm will produce more natural sugar in fruits, they will be much tastier and juicy.


water100 ml3 oz
List of ingredients for preparation of grapefruit juicy drink, available both in metric and imperial measurement systems
Tbsptable spoon
tsptea spoon
cupUS measuring cup, equal to 240 ml of water
Abbreviations and their meaning

How to make it:

  1. peel grapefruits and remove fiber partitions form a pulp
  2. remove the seed section form apples and cut them into pieces
  3. turn on a juicer and juice!
  4. take a pulp of processed fruits and put it into a juicer once again
  5. dilute the juice with water and it’s ready!


  • fiber of grapefruit should be removed before juicing, because:
    • it has bitter taste
    • banana-vegan muffins will be cooked later, so, there is no need to chew non-tasty bitter fiber in muffins!
  • pulp of processed fruits should be squeezed twice, because:
    • it produces more juice
    • pulp for banana-vegan muffins should not be too moist, it should be squeezed well for not to over-moisten a dough


grapefruit pulp and seedless apples are going to a juicer
juice a fruit pulp twice!
Enjoy the juice from Nature, gorgeous and rich in taste! Grapefruit and apple juice

Recipe of vegan-banana muffins is coming in a next Wednesday’s post!

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Prophylactic self-isolation for happiness appreciation. Day 138th.

To happy or not to happy?

To be (happy) or not to be (happy)?

That is not the question. The question is “What is my answer to it? And what is yours?” …

Overthinking. From 6 to 6, am/pm, mincing each great feeling till a puzzle is no longer affordable

We have it all, joy and happiness, available from outside and/or inside. But, while letting it go through a (head)grinder, we miss the whole words and sentences (of happiness), and only scattered letters left.

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Prophylactic self-isolation for folk wisdom appreciation. Day 137th.

He who has a true friend, has no need of a mirror

Indian proverb (1)
Kiss I – II by Kirk Mangus, USA, 2004. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis at Presidential Palace Viewpoint, Vilnius, Lithuania. July 2020


About Kirk Mangus

Kirk Mangus (1952-2013) was an internationally recognized ceramicist, and a dedicated teacher and mentor for almost 30 years at Kent State University. Mangus is known for his playful, gestural style, and experimental glazing. In his approach to craftsmanship, Mangus sought to re-negotiate concepts of beauty and mastery, proposing an unguarded, impassioned way of thinking, making, living, and loving (2).


  1. Quotes on
  2. Kirk Mangus: Things Love, available online on

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