Prophylactic self-isolation for cleaning Nature affirmation. Day 152nd.

When people who take care ask me with a concern:

“Is it safe to pick up all that trash just like that, there could be dangerous bacteria, viruses or something???”…

Collecting plastic on a beach – Sun has already disinfected it, now it is my turn to pick it up.

When those who care about me ask this kind of question, I answer:

“I pick up that trash with love, I pick it up with care.

I have my knowledge how to do it carefully, too.

I am a part of Nature and Nature protects me. The whole Universe supports my efforts, the whole Universe is with me.

P.S. Usually, I am well-prepared for my Nature’s cleaning events, but sometimes I am in Nature just to relax. However, I can not relax when I see those plastics there, and the routine cleaning begins again and again…

Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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