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I know, I know, beetroot molasse contains sugar, at least 26 g / 100 g of the product, because it is written in the ingredient list: …”carbohydrates 62.5 g, from which saccharose 26.2 g”. Saccharose is one more name for refined sugar.

Anyway, I prepare these beet molasse discs, because I am not the single person in the world: family members, quests, friends, all people around who are “not hooked on sugar” (as they state) also deserve some better desert than a mixture of hydrogenated fats, assort of glucose-fructose-sucrose syrups, emulsifiers, synthetic colorants and flavor enhancers, and other bulk ingredients. Right?

So, this recipe is for those who are “not hooked on sugar” but want to taste something new and a bit healthier than mass-produced, plastic wrapped UNKNOWN with a long list of food(?) additives.

This recipe is also for those who care about people around (not only about his/her own non-sugar lifestyle) and let others to taste the SWEET differently.

Pressing the shape of sweet discs

Vegan dessert

Stay Sweet: Amaranthus/beet molasse discs for those who are “not hooked on sugar”

EQUIPMENT– appetizer rings, 5 cm diameter x 6 cm high
– small ice-cream scoop spoon
Passive time24 h (optional)
Active time 30 min
General directions (more info on Page 2)


expanded amaranhtus30 g1 cup
expanded millet25 g1 cup
white sesame, ground50 g1/3 cup
salt1/4 tsp1/4 tsp
cacao powder1 Tbsp1 Tbsp
cacao beans, raw55
beetroot molasse75 g5 Tbsp
hot water10 g / 10 ml10 g / 10 ml
Ingredients for Sweet Beet Discs


  • Soak raw cacao beans in some water while mixing other ingredients in a bowl
  • In a mixing bowl combine expanded amaranths, expanded millet, salt, cacao powder and sesame (milled in coffee grinder)
    • It is a bit hard to mix the mixture well with a spatula, so I mix it with a hand
  • Remove the shells from soaked cacao beans and cut them into small pieces, add into a mixing bowl along with other ingredients
  • In a separate small bowl, measure beetroot molasse and add 10 ml of hot water (only 10 ml, not more!), mix well
  • Add beetroot liquid to other ingredients and mix well
  • Now making the shape:
    • press discs on a parchment paper
    • immerse a scoop spoon and pressing part of an appetizer ring into hot water each time you make a new disc. The image below may help:

Sweet mixture would not stick to the equipment if you would immerse it in hot water each time before making a sweet disc

  • because of water, the discs may be a bit wet, so you may let them dry a bit on a counter for 24 h, but it is optional



Would you like to get more recipes?

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Best reviewer writes about this book: Dr. Alisa Palatronis has “cooked up” a very interesting cookbook! I am intrigued by the ingredient choices for some recipes and can’t wait to try them all! My palate is anticipating them all. I did try a few right away since I had the ingredients on hand. The Mascadates from Bożena and Almonds in Heaven were very tasty! I also tried the Hello Hasselback Potato too, they were delicious!! My next recipe will be Delights from 1001 Nights for a sweet treat since I love chickpeas.
This cookbook is one of a kind and I look forward to trying all the recipes and passing it along to my vegan friends and non vegan friends alike. Thank you Dr. Palatronis for this special treat, you have a way with enticing ones palate with your pictures and ingredients combinations.

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