About me and this blog

Dear readers, here on this blog, I am sharing my personal experience to tell you what helped me and still helps me to feel well (wealthy :))

I have spent 10 years as a full-time practitioner in the pharmacies, where I helped thousands (if not millions) of clients with a manifold of health challenges through pharmaceutical, herbal, nutritional and psychological methods. My clients were people from all walks of life, including but not limited to babies, children, pensioners, laborers and mental workers, caregivers, and people seeking for a healthy life-style.

During my second career stage at the university in 2013–2018, I made the intensive steps to join chemistry with medicinal sciences, i.e. to integrate the knowledge of “pure” chemistry and personal practice gained in the pharmaceutical sector into better reality and future. At the university, running a lecturer’s position, I spent an enormous amount of time with amazing students, transferring to them my knowledge and engraining their critical thinking in regards to the alliance among Chemistry, Human being and Nature. 

I no longer practice as a pharmacist or as a lecturer, but currently can focus on educating people as a full time activity, on a volunteer basis, by sharing vital knowledge about the coherence between Nature and Chemistry of XXI century through social media. You would find a dose of posts related to decoding the labels of food, cosmetics, household products, etc.

Nowadays, internet is overloaded with tons of information where sometimes it is hard to find a true way. However, there is an enormous amount of great information which amazing people around the World are experiencing and sharing with others, just need to find it. Here on this blog, some kind of filtration and validation of publicly available information through my critical thinking and profession(s)-based analysis is presented. As a result, valuable and reliable information from other websites, blogs, and videos (with appropriate references included), as well as personal comments on them, if necessary, are presented here.

Good dose of posts is dedicated to mindful food recipes which were created on my own or when I received inspiration from nowadays folk wisdom or cultural heritage. I strongly believe that good and healthy food (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, any you wish), should not remind “unhealthy” or junk food in its appearance, aroma or taste, like “vegan chicken” or “non-dairy ice-cream”. Eating healthy while remaining “unhealthy” psychological perception of food preferences disturbs harmony of a body and mentality. You can find here some food recipes which could remind “traditional/junk food”, but they are included here on purpose as transitional meals (during transitional period going from destructive to constructive food supply to a body).

Being quite a good baker from around 10 years old, and loving to cook, I spent decades in tasty nutritional abundance of meat-dairy-cake-junky food. That led to chronic unhealthy feeling in the body without any obvious medical diagnosis. Until I decide to think with my own head and rely on my own and the nowadays folk professionals.

These days, it is my conviction that products like sugar, flour, meat, eggs, dairy, some vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions), coffee and alcohol have a destructive effect on my body in long (or not so long) perspective. For this reason, on this blog and in my reality these ingredients are avoided as much as possible, but sometimes, some of them are included in the recipes as transitional meals.

The idea of my newly developed recipes is to find absolutely new tasty food combinations and meals, which are not similar to the past (fast) food in aroma or taste, but which bring the feeling of satisfaction and good energy to a body.

One could notice a yarn of humor through the posts and that is always a self-caricature, as nothing cures better the soul and the body from the mistakes done, as letting it go and take it easy.

I believe that many of us, despite being true professionals of their job, would like, and sometimes even manage, to dedicate their time for a personal growth, hobbies and mindful leisure entertainment. For this reason, my personal hobbies and tastes in LIFE experience are also presented on this website. Never being a professional in any of my hobby, I let myself just TO BE, to be an amateur in the infinite number of LIFE boundaries.

I also believe that in parallel with seeking for the personal growth, one should (and could) feel and realize the infinite demand for wisdom and responsibility of the human being on this Planet. By this, many posts are dedicated to cleaner and healthier environment, plastic pollution control, human and animal welfare.

Alisa holds a Ph.D in Chemistry and is also a pharmacist. She worked in a pharmacy and research lab for many years before becoming a medical and scientific writer. Alisa loves to write about all aspects of science and medicine but is particularly passionate about sharing advances in psychology, nutrition and urban chemistry. Alisa enjoys reading, drawing, practicing Aerial Silk and spending time at the seashore.