Sweet tiny wheat breads with dates. No wheat flour – transition to Nature

What is flour? Flour is a powder made from grains. According to Dr. Joan Ifland, an innovator in the field of recovery from food addiction since 1999, the fraction of small tiny particles of flour absorbs in small intestine, in much bigger scale that it is supposed to be by eating whole grains, and therefore, lead to unendurable craving to continue eating this kind of food.

Original tablets

Our favourite sweet cookies we call Original tablets. Just realise while writing this post...it is gluten-free! Here is the tech-recipe of Original tablets. The tech-recipe actually means that both ingredients and technology of preparation are extremely important and described in details. Spicy gluten-free ingredients for Original tablets Ingredients: Rolled oats (from whole grain, non-instant), 2.5 … Continue reading Original tablets

Turmeric tongues are jummy ones

This recipe, along with other sugar-free recipes is now available in my cookbook "Festive, Sugar-Free Recipes for Almost Vegans" on the Shop page section MY PUBLISHED BOOKS Only two ingredients of homemade jummies could bring a new experience for a mouth's sensors. And of course, some healthy/wealthy benefits. Ingredients: Dry apricots, washed, handfulTurmeric root, fresh … Continue reading Turmeric tongues are jummy ones

Making ball sweets from black sesame seeds

Before 2019, I was, as many of us yet, the real gourmet of all those goodies from "imperative" cafeterias and bakery shops, knowing "what is really good and what is not". Funny I was, thinking to navigate among refined sugar, refined flour, and a dozen of legal food additives with looong chemical names. Who cares... These days, I am looking for more than archaic mixture of "sugar-flour-eggs" to satisfy the need of sweetness and prepare an extraordinary duet for a cup of tea.