Celery/carrot bouillon

For me, celery bouillon is a great natural product for inner purification. One could feel that purification effect by constipation clog going out.

As a chemist, I usually do common things my way. No, no, I am not putting chemicals here and there:)) The point is to get a good sprinkle of quality to the “standard” recipes.

The point is to get a good sprinkle of quality to the “standard” recipes


  • Celery stems, 10 pieces
  • Carrot, 3 pieces
  • White onion head, 1 piece (optional)
  • Salt, 1 tsp
  • Water, 2-3 liters
Ingredients for the celery/carrot bouillon in the pot

How to make it:

  • Wash and cut vegetables
  • Put pieces of vegetables into a pot
  • Season a mixture with salt and let it stay for 30 min on a counter. During this time salt will “take out” a juice from vegetables, you could even observe that vegetables get damp
  • Add water and cook a bouillon on a low heat for 2 hours
  • Switch off the heat and let a bouillon to rest for 30 minutes more
  • Strain a bouillon and enjoy! Its ready!

Important note!

Waiting 30 minutes after adding salt is important to get juice out of vegetables. Traditional soup/bouillon cooking appeal to “taste extraction” from ingredients by vigorous heating only. Herein, previous to moderate heating, “chemical” extraction by using salt is involved.

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Prophylactic self-isolation for chips preparation. Day 25th.

Week ago a friend of mine shared with me amazing news that she ate 3 packs of potato chips per one evening. The news were so crispy that I was chewing potato chips and feeling their taste in my mouth by using imagination until I made the final decision: “I need it”. Well, I ate also 3 packs, but in 3 days. How surprised was I, they seemed salty, yes, of course, but not tasty! No gusto! Just crunch crunch..

Nevertheless, those 3 days led to higher salt intake and as a sequence, “hunger” feeling appeared. I wrote “hunger” in quotation-marks because that feeling is not real hunger. Real hunger I never felt before, because real hunger appears from a third day of fasting, but not earlier!

So, what is that “hunger”, that not real hunger? It is an enormous body attempt to neutralize excess of salt, or excess of sugar, or excess of processed, overdosed food.

We always thought that THAT tension feeling in stomach is hunger. No, its stomach suffer from foreign matter inside!

Im not here to postulate medical truths, but Im sharing my own experience and observation. All that agony and tension feeling when we think “Im hungry!” is not about hunger, its about food which is not in a balance with a human body.

A body tries to tell to its owner that there was a mistake in consumption, but… nobody hears:))

Anyway, I ate those chips, but today have baked my own: no salt, no flavour enhansers, no oils, no starch added. But so tasty and crispy!

Veggie chips baked at home

And what a saving for the family😁:

  • a) vegetable juices were made yesterday;
  • b) one-day juice diet was completed yesterday (0.5 kg went away and better feeling appeared) ;
  • c) veggie chips are baked today (from the pulp of yesterday’s juicing) !

Veggie chips recipe are made the same way as beetroot chips, you can find the recipe in the other post here: https://z-antenna.com/2020/04/02/dealing-with-raw-beetroots/ . Just use pulp of vegetable mix instead of pulp of beetroot alone.

P.S. Pulp only from certain vegetables, like beetroots, carrots, potato, sweet potato, turnips, or their mixture, is suitable for making these veggie chips. Don’t use cabbage! While baking, cabbage will give specific taste and smell

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Dealing with raw beetroots

Not everybody likes it, a beetroot. And if I would say “Eating it raw”…; “No! no way!”, – you would answer.

In this post you will find valuable information, checked on practice, how to:

  • eliminate that earthy taste of beets;
  • prepare beetroot juice for reducing constipation
  • bake tasty beetroot chips from a pulp after beet juice juicing
  • prepare the tasty beetroot salad

HOW TO eliminate that earthy taste of beets:

Once we talked with one my friend about the beets. We did agree that the nutritional value of fresh beet is great and probably a salad should be ok, but… but that earthy taste! It is unpleasant. I had no arguments and agreed that yes, it is. However, the same day later I started to experiment on improving the reputation of beets:)

I was doing my best, and tried many ways to neutralize earthy taste, like soaking in water, in water with vinegar, soda or mixture of vinegar and soda…

However, the key solution to make beets taste non-earthy is unexpectedly easy to achieve. You just need a bowl with water:

  • Soak beets in a bowl with water for few minutes
  • Pour off “dirty water” and refill a bowl with fresh water
  • Scrub beets using a brush
  • Pour off “dirty water” and refill a bowl with fresh water again
  • Scrub beets using a brush
  • Repeat the procedure of changing water and scrubbing until water in a bowl is clean with no dirt visible

HOW TO prepare beetroot juice for reducing constipation:

Amazing solution I found on how to eliminate constipation and just free myself from superfluous waste in my body. No need to do enema or drink inorganic salts to provoke forced bowel movements, this way is as mild as Nature could offer and therefore effective.

Actually right now, during self-isolation and quarantine period because of COVID-19,, it is a perfect time to clean and purify a body gently and calmly, just staying at home and doing some simple procedures:)

I l’earned that beet juice is so good natural laxative from amazing lady, named Kristina while watching her video on her Fully Raw by Kristina YouTube channel. Here is the key for her beetroot juice recipe “Delicious Detox Juice to Cleanse the Kidneys & Liver!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_cQ-VuAsJs

Adding from myself, would like to emphasize that:

  • I always dilute fresh vegetable/fruit juice, any juice, with water 1:1. I take, for example, 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice and 200 ml of fresh water, respectively. That is important, especially if you are beginner in juice drinking!
  • Beet juice, as any other substance, has its indications and contraindications, most reasonable are described here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324898#anemia
  • After I drink beet juice, good idea not to sit but walk around, just be not sitting. And drink additional glass of water every 30 minutes for at least 2 hours. The miracle will happen!:)

HOW TO bake tasty beetroot chips from a pulp after beet juice juicing:

  • Mill 2 Tbsp of flax seeds
  • Add 0.5 cup (110 ml) of water and stir well
  • Let the mixture stay on a counter for at least 30 minutes, better 1 hour. You will see that it transformed to a viscous mixture
  • Mix 200 g of beet pulp (left after juicing in juicer) with 2 Tbsp of hot horseradish cream or hot mustard sauce, add flax-seed viscous mixture and mix well till homogeneous consistency. No any other species, especially NO SALT!
  • Transfer a mixture in a thin layer (1 mm) on a backing sheet or use tortilla press (as I do)

  • Preheat an oven and bake the beet chips at 70° C temperature (no more, because we use flax-seeds in the recipe) for at least 3 hours, they should be crispy! Enjoy!

HOW TO prepare the tasty beetroot salad:

I already described the recipe of beet salad in my previous post, the link is below. Just want to emphasize once again: use smallest holes of a standard 4-side grater to grate beetroot. In this way the raw beet will be absolutely eatable, juicy, and even sweet:). Link for beet salad recipe on my blog: https://z-antenna.com/2020/01/06/how-to-make-root-vegetables-to-be-delicate-edibles/

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Prophylactic self-isolation for garden preparation. Day 12th.

Today I squeezed a cabbage/carrot/cranberry juice (diluted with water 1:1),

Pulp and juice

and the pulp, along with other veggie/fruits peels, is going for the first portion of a compost!

Starting to make Bokashi compost, 2020 03 24

Last year, in 2019, I started my new project on fertilizing the plants with exclusively natural fertilizer by using Bokashi system. I stopped it for a winter season and now it is just a time to renew a successful activity. Those friends of mine who added Bokashi brew for routine watering of their plants were just amazed by the results!

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Tech-tips for dealing with celery stems

It seems that fresh vegetables for daily menu is mission impossible, because they spoil quickly, and, -What is important!-, vegetables are chewy, non-digestible and not tasty!!!😀

Here are some tech-tips how to deal with celery stems in such a way, that it would stay fresh for weeks and eatable as salad ingredient:)

a) Tech-tips for storage:

  • Choose to buy those which are without plastic package. That is much possible in summer time; in winter time – ensure you will recycle the plastic package properly
  • Just after you bring celery stems from a (super)market – unwrap them from an original package and wrap into aluminum foil as shown in the picture below
  • Keep in a refrigerator with other vegetables; for up to 2 weeks they should feel fresh and juicy!

I’ve got an idea how to keep celery fresh longer from a smart and positive lady Melissa on Clean my space channel, you can watch a full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRQsM3lpdWE

b) Tech-tips before putting into a salad

  • Wash and dry celery stems
  • Cut the ends of celery stems
  • Peel the outer layer of a stem using a regular vegetable peeler
  • Cut into pieces/cubes as needed for a salad!


Photos and video by Dr. A. Palatronis on www.z-antenna.com

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