Prophylactic self-isolation for body transformation. Day 80th.

Needed to postpone a meeting with the friend:(, because Ekadashi is on Monday!

Fasting kills the disease, reduces the deficiency and nourishes the aspirant. Keeping a fast does not mean starving but it means a way to remain alert, trim and slim //…// It is a sure way of rest, repair and getting rid of accumulated wastes //…// A lot of energy is spent in the digestion of food //…// Observing a fast can do wonders, as it will help one remain physically, mentally and spiritually alert and beautiful. A weekly fast is sure to refresh, strengthen and improve the health and metabolism (1).

Nowadays, fasting start to be integrated into cure of diabetes 2 type (2, 3).

How does it work?

The origin of most disease is within the digestive tract. By cleaning a body, especially bowel system, and detoxifying ourselves, we actually could contribute to the wellness of our own bodies without specific or expensive costs.

From the 5th till 11th days of the Moon phase (after the Full or New Moon), the digestive process is slower than usual. In order to avoid chronic health complications, it is imperative to clear up the digestive tract of previous residues every 11th day of the Moon cycle.

Tidal waves are consequence of changes of air pressure in atmosphere. High tides are obvious because of strong gravitational force, but from the next day after Full or New Moon, the pressure recedes. Hence, on the 11th day from New Moon or Full Moon days, the pressure is almost nil. That is why fasting on an Ekadashi day is much easier – because the atmospheric pressure will not put a strain on a body.

On the next day of Ekadashi (12th day from Full Moon or New Moon), it is suggested to have food early in the morning to avoid any pressure on a body (4, 5).

My prep-for-fast (a day before Ekadashi), that is today, on May 31st, 2020, Sunday:

Diagram for a prep-to-fast day before Ekadashi by Dr. A. Palatronis on Images from Pexel and images from recipes on this blog site are included into the diagram
4-7 amwater and sparkling water
7-9 amcelery juice
9-10 amberries and fruits (except citrus fruits)
10-11 amtea and healthy snacks
Middaygreen leafy salad (with kale)
1-3 pmtea and snacks or water
4-5 pmgreen leafy salad (with Napa cabbage)
6 pmmint tea or other tea for relax (no caffeine)
6-10 pmno food, no drinks
10 pmtime to sleep and relax
Day before Ekadashi is a day to prepare digestive system for self-cleansing and detoxification

Sorry, guys, today I woke up at 4 am:) Just woke up, fresh and restarted. It was already sunny and the birds were singing their morning songs.

This diagram is designed by myself today at 4-7 am for my own prep-for-fast day. Prep-for-fast day menu may vary from person to person. But some general notes could be made, of course. Food preferences on the prep-for-fast day (what I l’earned for myself days and years before today):

Food should be lighter than on regular menuFor meat/fish eater – go for grains

For lacto/ovo vegetarian – go for lacto/vegetarian

For junk vegan – go for a day of fresh salad
Avoid flavor and taste enhancersThis includes salt, sugar, E-numbers, garlic, mustard, vinegar, dressings (because they usually contain sugar, vinegar, etc)

Food enhancers would enhance abnormal suck for overeating
Why sparkling water?Carbonated (or sparkling) water usually is mineral-rich water that includes magnesium. In higher amounts it helps to soften the stool and therefore beneficial before fasting day
Why to avoid tons of fruits?For meat/fish eaters going directly on plenty of fruits most likely would cause indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, etc., because meat + fruit = rot in stomach

meat + fruit = rot in stomach

One could say: “Im going not to eat meat this day”, but the answer is “For meat food to decompose properly in stomach it takes 2-3 days, and after all, what about circulation of meat by-products in blood? It take even more time”

Yep, going on vegetable-day would be a right decision, vegetables benefit for cleaning a bowl and are less aggressive in detoxifying process
No junk mixtures of fruitsDifferent specific ferments are involved in digestion. Because of that – citrus fruits do not match with sweet fruits. For example, orange does not match with banana. Some fruits are neutral (apple) and match both with citrus or with sweet fruits
Overdrinking waterNo need to put a gallons of water in a poor stomach. Better to drink it wisely, glass by glass in the first part of the day – till 2-3 pm

Drink water between any meals, even if you think to eat fruits

Excess of water in the late afternoon and evening leads to hard working kidneys – that is what would be wise to avoid too
Things to avoid during prep-for-fast day (before Ekadashi)

Generally, rice is not consumed on Ekadashi. According to a mythological story, sweat fell down from Lord Brahma’s head and took shape of a demon. When the demon asked the lord to give a place to reside, Brahma asked him to dwell in rice eaten by men on Ekadashi and get converted into worms in their stomach

Scientific Explanation: Why you shouldn’t have rice on Ekadashi, 31st October 2017 by Shalu Singh (5)

No panic!

No panic. Nobody is going to rob your food or terminate your food supply forever. You are free and relax, just take it easy if thinking about fasting or prep-for-fast day for the first time. Today it could just start and finish with thinking only. One could try just prep-for-fast day and repeat it on Ekadashi day too, why not? Moon is going rounds and rounds, so, there are infinite amount of time in the future to try again and againJ . In my case, fasting this Monday, on June 1st would be a day of fruits and water – I can do just as much as I can do and that’s it.

– May be we should stop?

– We don’t quit, we don’t quit, again! again!

The epic dialog from the movie The Pink Panther – ” I Would like to buy a Hamburger” (6)

Ekadashi is already made a step into my life, on May 17-18 in 2020, and now the next one will be on June 1-2 as according to a Moon calendar for Ekadashi watch. You may find the dates of Ekadashi for your geographical location on internet, it is adjusted according to the Moon position (7).

For example,

  • in US (Chicago), next Ekadashi will start on Jun 01, 4:27 am, and will finish on Jun 02, 1:34 am;
  • in Australia (Melbourne), next Ekadashi will start on Jun 01, 7:27 pm, and will finish on Jun 02, 4:34 pm;
  • in Germany (Berlin), next Ekadashi will start on Jun 01, 11:27 am, and will finish on Jun 02, 8:34 am;
  • in Japan (Tokyo), next Ekadashi will start on Jun 01, 6:27 pm, and will finish on Jun 02, 3:34 pm.


1. Verma M. Fasts and festivals of India. Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.; 2013.

2. Kalra S, Bajaj S, Gupta Y, Agarwal P, Singh SK, Julka S, et al. Fasts, feasts and festivals in diabetes-1: Glycemic management during Hindu fasts. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Mar-Apr;19(2):198-203.

3. Saboo B, Joshi S, Shah SN, Tiwaskar M, Vishwanathan V, Bhandari S, et al. Management of Diabetes during Fasting and Feasting in India. J Assoc Physicians India. 2019;67:70.

4. Ekadasi and the science of fasting during specific moon phase by The Yoga School, available online:

5. Scientific Explanation: Why you shouldn’t have rice on Ekadashi, 31st October 2017 by Shalu Singh, available online:

6. ” I Would like to buy a Hamburger”, episode from the movie Pink Panther, – available online:

(7) 2020 Ekadashi Fasting days

Featured image (Moon phases) by Pexels

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Prophylactic self-isolation for body transformation. Day 52nd.

The body consists of 70 percent water. We agree with it when trying to put extra water by drinking, right? But what about the statement which is reverse-to-consumption? It appeared that the body does not demand much food in relation to Moon phases. I discovered it today, was little bit too late, because Ekadashi will end in few hours:) As the human body is composed of 70 percent water, it is affected during the moon phases.

The first signs that I have started to listen to my body needs, appeared last month, then repeated today. I just felt like a fool while eating, because I got full so quickly, just with few bites. I decided to read about it because I have heard about it:)

The toxins of the body, which are created due to the residue of the digestive process, should be cleaned regularly. During Ekadashi days, digestive process is even slower, so it is a time to clean the system and take a food break, not to engage in nutritional replenishing.

Ekadashi is much more than just body purification, but further, higher steps for spiritual growth and well-being are available only when the first baby steps are understood and completed. Next Ekadashi, Apara Ekadashi, will take place on May 17 (from 9am on May 17 till 11am on may 18). Hope to be there ready to go!



What is Ekadashi and the Significance of Ekadashi Fasting at

2020 Ekadashi Fasting days

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Crystal clear water

“water is H2O, nothing else”

The quality of tap water is always under discussions. There are so many pro et contra regarding necessity of filtering (actually clarifying) tap water that probably you could say more than it is written here:) The most popular comment against filtering is that water contains minerals that we need for our body. Well, as it is written above, “water is H2O, nothing else”, we know that from chemistry course at school, right? If we say “water”, it should be water, isn’t it? Two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. If there is something diluted in it, it means we have an aqueous solution, we can’t call it “water” anymore. In fact, all the essential minerals should be consumed through natural food, a Minerals’ path in Nature, but this is another topic for later.

Lets l’earn from the filters’ descriptions to see the list of possible pollutants in water, what is written there? Just few sentences here: a) mechanical filter removes small fractions of solid impurities larger than 20 microns that are found in tap water, where they often get in during the transfer; b) carbon filter removes up to 99% free chlorine, organic impurities, phenol, benzene, some pesticides, also improves taste and smell of water; c) activated carbon filter removes up to 99% of chlorine, organic impurities, some pesticides, iron compounds and hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury), phenol and benzene, improves taste and smell of water. You see, business is always related and acts according to market demands. Think about it.

How to improve the quality of water without any specific costly tools? Lets turn to Nature: crystal clear water is a result of snow melting process in mountains, we all know it. From a chemical point of view, water freezing and further thawing both change a structure of water, organizing it in a most ordered way. From holistic point of view, water freezing and further thawing provides absolutely clean water without any “information” written in it. I l’earned that from French immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who went deep into topics of water bioactivity and “water memory”.

One my colleague from pharmacy always was freezing and then drinking thawed water. Her eyes were so bright and shiny, her skin was amazing, intellection and mood were always at a high level and she was 60. At that time, approx. 10 years ago I started to experiment with thawed water. However, as s chemist, I was not satisfied with a quality of water I’ve got. The process of making my thawed water had many disadvantages, as water by itself too.

Great news are that now I can share with you the procedure, how to make it correctly and professionally. It took me 3 months to start making it absolutely crystal clear, with good smell and fresh taste. Any time I drink it, I feel like being in mountains. Right now, me and my family use only Crystal clear water for drinking, teas, soups or other kitchen demands.

How to make it:

  1. Pour tap water in a thick glass vessel, which is suitable for freezing and freeze
  2. After 24 hours check it in a freezer: a white ice conglomerate should be clearly visible and all water should be turned into ice
  3. Let ice to thaw on a counter, putting a plate under a vessel
  4. After water has thawed, filter it through a regular filter like Brita, using an additional paper filter to keep a regular filter from excess of visible sediments
  5. Keep a day-amount of Ice-ice water in a glass vessel at a counter, and an additional portion at a glass vessel in a refrigerator.

Important notes:

a) I made this experiment with Brita-filtered water too. The same white precipitate appears. It means, my domestic filter does not cope with these precipitates. Lets see later how it works with integrated filters (I still do not have it:))

b) Glass vessel suitable for freezing (step 1) is essential in this procedure. I tried with high quality silicon molds – silicone smell in water appeared, that means silicon fillings interact with water during the process. I haven’t try with plastic bottles, even with high quality plastics, because plastic fillings are ready to solve in water during any environmental changes. No no, we avoid plastic and water contact 99% these days

c) After ice fully thaws (step 3), I filter it immediately. Not more than 1 hour should pass, because at room temperature those precipitates could dissolve in water repeatedly.

Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal experience to tell you what helped me and still helps me to feel well (wealthy:)). All posts on this site are for educational purposes and entertainment only. The posts do not provide any dietetic service, medical advice or treatment for anyone, including but not limited to pregnant, breast-feeding women, suffering from acute/chronic diseases or other health concerns, food intolerance, latent health conditions, healthy people, etc. Take care!