Prophylactic self-isolation for words structure appreciation. Day 87th


How to remember grammar rules? By funny, but meaningful associations.

Names of professions in Polish

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In English, names of professions usually do not refer to a gender.

In Polish language, the names of professions differ in regards to a gender. For example:

Name of profession
EnglishPolish (masculine)Polish (feminine)
poet (poetess)poetapoetka
Names of professions in English and Polish

Have you noticed the difference? Yes, the letter “k”.

Why “k”? Because, according to my unofficial version, it is related to a woman. The word “woman” in Polish is “kobieta”. Because “k” is the first letter in the word describing a woman, that is why it appears in the names of feminine professions in Polish.

More so, “no-letter-at-the-end” refers to masculine, and “a” refers to feminine, but that is not a strict rule.

P.S. That is only one of the way to indicate a gender in professions in Polish, there are more ways. You could always say (for some of professions):

Pani doctor, or Pani profesor, where “pani” refers to Miss or Missis.

But this concept will not work for a poet profession, because it is not acceptable to say “pani poeta”.

Name of professions in other languages

Many other languages, like Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, use the dual principle to describe professions for both genders. For example:

Name of profession
EnglishPortuguese (masculine)Portuguese (feminine)
poet (poetess)poetapoetisa
Names of professions in English and Portuguese

In Portuguese, you usually would find the difference in gender for professions by the last letter of the word: “o” refers to masculine, and “a” refers to feminine.

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Prophylactic self-isolation for Ekadashi appreciation. Day 81st.

Cherries are berries 
Good for trim bellies
Berries are cherries, 
Eaten as jelly
Eaten as jelly –
Sugar in belly
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Eaten as jellies –
Goes to feed caries
Cherries are berries 
Eaten on ferries
Sweetness in cherry 
Is some kind of fairy
Bellies are cherries 
If feed them with berries
Cherries are berries 
Eaten by Alice
Berries like cherries 
Good for the bellies!

Verses by Dr. A. Palatronis

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Prophylactic self-isolation for forgiveness and liberation. Day 56th.

When forgiveness comes without asking, – A. Palatronis

The unawares forgiveness drops the chains and liberates forever, – A. Palatronis

One writes primarily to free oneself from oneself.” – Marty Rubin

When I wanted to finish the painting after decades, to colour those some pencil-drawn stars, my soul mate told me “Oh no, right now when the stars are shining bright and few of them are unlit – right now it is the absolute, it is a reality in its true power

Fragment of the painting by this blog author while her being a teenager years ago

The moment when forgiveness comes without asking could take place after decades, but…when it comes, you know it is real, and it is a blessing, a blessing for a person who forgives. That is a blessing because now the one who thought he was in chains, in a trap because of someone’s authority, now he has that feeling of utter abandonment. It does not come with human logic, it does not come with words asking for forgiveness, and it does not come with brainpower, nothing related with the conscious efforts to forgive.

The girl was oriented towards medical sciences despite of her will to become…to become a writer…

The girl was oriented towards pharmaceutical sciences despite of her will to become…to become a ballerina…

The teenager was oriented towards medical sciences despite of his will to play in the orchestra…

The girl was oriented towards orchestra despite of her will to become herself…

The teenager was oriented towards engineering sciences despite of his will to become a drummer…

The lady was oriented towards The Science despite of her will to become…to become herself…

How many of us, doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and people of other “profitable, stable” professions are in those chains? How many of us, who had a flight feeling in adolescence, had inner wings clipping for decades? And, dear doctor (pharmacist, scientist, etc. …), how does it affect all those who now rely and are dependent on your profession?

Many of us, being teenagers, should read the biography of Jules Verne, a great French novelist, who found a power, no…, who had a power in himself to refuse parent’s authoritative pressure to start a career of a layer.  “Am I not right to follow my own instincts? It’s because I know who I am that I realize what I can be one day“, he wrote to his father (1).

And here is the denial of what was just written in a paragraph above. The yogi says, “You should be grateful that your early dreams have never come true”. If we would walk a way we had chosen for ourselves years ago, being young, enthusiastic but inexperienced, taking just a narrow path to go through, looking at the horizon through rose-colored glasses…, how many doors would remain unseen, unopened, not experienced?…By this, I would say, the example of Jules Verne is rather the bright exception than the example to follow. Not all of us do have a power, but many of us find that power in themselves with time. When the moment of finding a power comes, direct it to the way YOU choose, because now you are no more a teenager, now you have all the life experience and wisdom, now the tools of “profitable, stable professions” which you gain earlier could manifest through you in YOUR way, the way of serving people by heart, not by established guidelines of any authority.

And again, denying what was just written in a paragraph above (denying the paragraph which denied the previous?). Just published while me writing this post: “On letting go of potential and other myths of greatness. And Then We Grew Up. A review ON WRITING AND MONEY”

I may not have had any money. I may not have had any idea if the project I was working on would ever actually be seen by someone other than myself, but I had a word

by Sarah Menkedick, source:

The biggest trouble of a latter-day human is his way of thinking, two dimensional (2D) way of thinking in any aspect of his life: “It is bad – that is good”, “It is good – that is bad”, “It is right – that is no”… While the artificial technologies are already maneuvering towards 5D, our minds, human being minds, drag along. Release the fear of clinging to settled, googled truths for YOUR way to experience yourself through YOUR life. The World is multidimensional, there are no only two corners of “right” and “wrong” in it, there are no even five. There are multidimensional horizons you could see and experience if just wake up and open the eyes.

The moment when forgiveness (for one’s authority) comes without asking is the moment when one realizes his true power, with all the gratefulness that the dreams of youth did not come true, but now are possible to implement with all the educational and practical tools he gained within a life.

The lady has become a blog’s writer, decoding for people (and for herself) the language of food/cosmetics labels

The lady has become a pharmacist for not to work her job but to navigate among chemical sciences to detox herself and a body from it

A man runs his business, joining his mindful view towards Nature and listening the honest people around

The lady does not play in orchestra, but she found herself and beauty of her life, shining for people around

A guy found himself in a unique unexpected way which is possible only when you have an inner creative soul

The lady found herself 100 percent involved in Science because it appeared to be her real calling

The music of today’s dayspring:

Frank Sinatra – Looking At The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses, on youtube:

These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You), on youtube:


(1) Jules Verne: An Exploratory Biography by Herbert R. Lottman, St. Martin’s Press, 1996

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Prophylactic self-isolation for poem-to-color appreciation. Day 49th.

The shortest poem was written by Aram Saroyan. It consists of one word only, written in yellow on a white background:

The shortest poem, written by Aram Saroyan

About the shortest poem and other amazing pieces which can blow someone’s mind you can watch and read here:

(1) What is the Shortest Poem? By Vsauce, Jun 22, 2013. Web source:


(2) Brief Poems on

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than Nature’s piece?…

Tatra Mountains, Poland. July 2019. Photo by blog’s author Dr. A. Palatronis on

Inspired by the Artist of word, I wrote my own piece this morning. Actually, can I pocket it as mine?, because it just pass through me with the morning lighght, coming from the Cosmos and now rebounding on the Collective mind. Here it is:

The poem by Dr. A. Palatronis, this blog’s author

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