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Festive, Sugar-Free Recipes for Almost Vegans


Parties and celebrations. Is it time to break the rules and eat all the things you have avoided for so long? Why do the great celebrations of the year could not be met with healthier food?

In this book you will find the whole list of festive sugar-free, (wheat) flour-free vegan and vegetarian dishes. Feel free to offer them for the whole family, friends, or colleagues with any taste preferences.

There are recipes that will bring joy to the soul of the chef, but those who do not see themselves as a cook at any costs may also like to prepare a few dishes from this book.

No need to make all the dishes at once. Choose two or three of them and enjoy festive and healthy additions to your celebrations.

Daily, Sugar-Free Recipes for Almost Vegans


77 delicious vegan / vegetarian dishes including desserts, appetizers, salads, soups, second meals and dressings (sugar-free vegan / vegetarian recipes).

Daily routine. Is it a time to spend hours in the sweetened kitchen? According to Dr. Alisa Palatronis, a sugar-free lifestyle has the potential to let people feel well physically, emotionally and mentally. In this book you will find a full set of vegan and vegetarian dishes without refined sugar, molasses, honey, artificial sweeteners and (wheat) flour. Feel free to offer them to the whole family, friends or colleagues with any taste preferences. There are recipes that will cheer the chef’s soul. Those who do not consider themselves a chef at any cost will also find a number of delicious recipes. Daily, sugar-free dishes welcome us all!

Rubbish Paradise


We are environmental activists-volunteers: a young couple who loves and respects Nature. We collect plastic and other human-made rubbish from Nature areas in the Baltic Sea region since 2012.


Our volunteer project “Rubbish Paradise” began in March 2020 right before the pandemic. The idea of the project is to combine two aspects: art photography and documentary.

On one hand, rubbish subjects are shown with art photography skills. On other hand, it is a series of documentary illustrations showing the areas of Nature which are constantly being polluted by various eco-barbarians.


Collecting rubbish from Nature areas still looks like a forbidden activity for most of us. With this book, we seek to encourage people to use plastics responsively while relaxing in Nature.

We also seek to reveal that not only sightseers left the rubbish on the beaches. One day, plastic producers should be officially recognized as the root of plastic contamination. More so, the contaminants from the ships, fishermen activity, and municipal lack of responsibility should be stressed.

Physical workout while collecting rubbish may bring you a limitless physical and mental wellness. If you have never bent to collect plastic garbage before – make it once, with a smile, and the emotional satisfaction of making this world better right here, right now, will come and cover you with well-feeling and abundance.

Chapter 1. ARKONKA
Cleaning Goplany lake (Poland) during pandemic 2020

Collecting rubbish along the wild beach in Poland, in 2020-2021

Dealing with heavy contaminants in Smiltynė (Lithuania), in July 2020

Eco-barbarism all around

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