Prophylactic self-isolation for body and mind purification. Day 131st.




fresh air

so many thoughts to tell, so many…


nothing is roughly important.

just being

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Prophylactic self-isolation for deep inner relaxation. Day 22nd.

I probably have never been so peacefully relaxed as on this day.

Honestly, I really don’t remember any other day when I let myself just BE, without any inner feeling of worry about this or that. Or having feelings of guilt about being lazy and continue doing something useful for others or myself,.. even during holiday time somewhere on a beach…

Dr. A. Palatronis
Photo by Pexels

I wrapped in few wool blankets, cuddled in the lounge chair on the balcony and turned my face with eyes closed to the early-evening Sun. I felt the caressing of the Sun on my cheeks, its untouchable beams wrapping me totally in a shiny cocoon, and little by little shifted to the Wizard Existence…

P.S. Warm thanks to a special friend, who always helps me with English grammar and words’ meaning:)

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Prophylactic self-isolation for stretching and relaxation. Day 5th.

Be sure to maintain physical activity and get a breath of fresh air!

Morning exercises on the balcony

Meditation is something very new for me, hundreds of time heard about it but never was deep enough there. Today, a short, 20-minutes meditation took me to a state of peaceful mind and restful body. Would like to repeat it again!

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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