Prophylactic self-isolation for body-in-mask relaxation. Day 71st


I would not describe these days as idle, but some moments deserve to be as lazy-crazy as this “body-in-mask” relaxation. After initial thorough skin exfoliation, it would be a perfect opportunity to gratify your body with astounding body mask. Any cosmetic salon would not offer such a beauty, I’m sure!    

Body mask recipe


  • Turmeric powder, 3 Tbsp
  • Goat milk powder, 3 Tbsp
  • Warm water

How to make it:

  • Mix powder ingredients in a bowl
  • Add warm water slowly portion by portion to make a paste consistency from powder ingredients
  • Apply on skin (legs, arms, face, decollete zone) by using cotton pads, lay down, listen calm music and relax for 15 minutes
  • Wash thoroughly by using body sponge
Body-in-mask relaxation. Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Important notes

  • If no goat milk powder available – just use goat milk. In this case, just mix turmeric powder with warm milk and apply to skin
  • Turmeric may stain the skin. Yellow color of turmeric should wash out, but if not – no worries. As cells of skin are constantly renewing, the color will disappear in a few days. In my experience, no yellow color was left after washing the mask away in a shower
  • Cover a sofa or bed with “cosmetic” towel, a towel which you use for cosmetic purposes only. The “cells” of your sofa are not renewing!:)

Read about skin exfoliation in another post here: Skin exfoliation

Good to know

Curcumin, which is the active compound of turmeric (Curcuma longa) root, is known by its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-neoplastic properties. The research shows that turmeric may be used medically to treat a variety of dermatologic diseases.

Skin conditions examined include acne, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, facial photoaging, oral lichen planus, pruritus, psoriasis, radiodermatitis, and vitiligo.

Turmeric is recognised as generally safe even at high oral doses and side effects are very rare. However, according to some studies, curcumin could interact with anticoagulation and antiplatelet medications, stimulate gallbladder contractions, exacerbating symptoms in patients with gallstones (1).

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(1) Review. Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) on Skin Health: A Systematic Review of the Clinical Evidence by A. R. Vaughn et al., PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH, 2016

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Prophylactic self-isolation for skin exfoliation. Day 63rd.


Just before the summer will start, it is a time to clean the skin. As almost a perfectionist, for me, skin should be cleaned perfect as well. I found an amazing way to do so thanks to Dr. R.Cassar and his video on youtube channel (1). Of course, I made my own changes and adjustments to the original version. All the equipment needed for this skin exfoliation: cotton towel, cleansing solution, spring water in aerosol and face-body cream.

The results of the cleansing procedure are striking and leading to some speculations: feet, hands, face and neck areas are most grubby, while back and abdomen areas are almost clean. Do not laugh from my towel, check yours!:)

Recipe of cleansing solution

Ingredients and tools for skin exfoliation procedure. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Ingredients (for onetime all body procedure):

  • Pure spirit (75-90%), 40 ml
  • MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) powder, 1 tsp
  • Diatomite (diatomic earth) powder, 1 tsp
  • Water (purified), 40 ml
  • Tea tree essential oil, 3 drops

How to make it

In a high quality plastic bottle combine and shake together (with a lid closed) the ingredients one by one in the order as written in the ingredient list. It is ready to use!

How to apply it

  • Take a clean small cotton towel
  • Spray skin with water (purified, spring water, mountain water, etc)
  • Apply some cleansing solution on a towel and scratch the skin through it with nails and fingers. Gently, slowly and firmly
  • Start from feet, than hands, armpits, back, neck, face, décolletage
  • After it is finished – take a warm or lukewarm shower
  • Do not use towel to drain the skin – right after the shower, when skin is moistened and warm, apply a special body cream to it. The recipe of special body cream is described in my previous post: Prophylactic self-isolation for body purification. Day 20th.
Cotton towel after skin cleansing procedure. Areas: 1 feet; 2 face and neck; 3 hands; 4 abdomen, back and armpits. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Important notes:

  • Only chemically resistant, high quality plastic or glass bottles are appropriate for this alcohol-based recipe. Any empty plastic container from water or other drinks are not allowed, because alcohol would facilitate plastificators and other shady, unwanted ingredients of plastic to penetrate the solution and later the skin. Please use only chemically resistant, high quality plastic or glass container for this solution to prepare
  • Only tea tree oil is suitable for this recipe, just skip the ingredient if you don’t have it
  • Always prepare the amount of solution for the same-day-use, because powdered materials like MSM and diatomite would precipitate with time and form a stiff conglomerate
  • Vodka or pure spirit are both available
  • After a good scratch the skin will be red because of sufficient blood supply to deep skin layers, that is ok
  • Keep away from eyes, keep away from children, and do not drink it
  • Do not apply on injured, damaged or sunburnt skin
  • Do not make the cleansing procedure if supposed to go for sunbath or to swimming pool, other skin cosmetic procedures, massage, etc. directly after it
  • The procedure, in my opinion, could be repeated once or twice per month


Making and Applying the Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Part 1 by Dr. Robert Cassar on youtube:

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