Prophylactic self-isolation for Ekadashi appreciation. Day 81st.

Cherries are berries 
Good for trim bellies
Berries are cherries, 
Eaten as jelly
Eaten as jelly –
Sugar in belly
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Eaten as jellies –
Goes to feed caries
Cherries are berries 
Eaten on ferries
Sweetness in cherry 
Is some kind of fairy
Bellies are cherries 
If feed them with berries
Cherries are berries 
Eaten by Alice
Berries like cherries 
Good for the bellies!

Verses by Dr. A. Palatronis

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Prophylactic self-isolation for body transformation. Day 52nd.

The body consists of 70 percent water. We agree with it when trying to put extra water by drinking, right? But what about the statement which is reverse-to-consumption? It appeared that the body does not demand much food in relation to Moon phases. I discovered it today, was little bit too late, because Ekadashi will end in few hours:) As the human body is composed of 70 percent water, it is affected during the moon phases.

The first signs that I have started to listen to my body needs, appeared last month, then repeated today. I just felt like a fool while eating, because I got full so quickly, just with few bites. I decided to read about it because I have heard about it:)

The toxins of the body, which are created due to the residue of the digestive process, should be cleaned regularly. During Ekadashi days, digestive process is even slower, so it is a time to clean the system and take a food break, not to engage in nutritional replenishing.

Ekadashi is much more than just body purification, but further, higher steps for spiritual growth and well-being are available only when the first baby steps are understood and completed. Next Ekadashi, Apara Ekadashi, will take place on May 17 (from 9am on May 17 till 11am on may 18). Hope to be there ready to go!



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2020 Ekadashi Fasting days

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Prophylactic self-isolation for menu transformation. Day 36th.

What I mostly hear around (while scrolling social media and reading my friends’ messages) is that we gain in weight by minimum 2 kg during this lock down. Even those who are doing sufficient sports at home, even those. The reason is simple as that: all the goodies of a grocery store are now available just beside in a kitchen! Who brought them there, ah?:))

We gained those two kilos in a form of undigested food inside a stomach and intestines, that’s all. We just stay at home with that additional food inside of the bodies. Fat layer or muscles-to-fat transformation is a loong process, not an outcome of 2-4 weeks, no chances:) Let’s get that clog out of there! (and not clogging repeatedly:))

Our bodies are designed by Nature to consume SIMPLE food, with absolutely no mixtures at all. And more so, to consume for well-feeling, not for feeling tired or off-energy to grab a dose of caffeine afterwards.

Have heard, feeling hungry causes only the one (1) problem – hunger feeling, while feeling [ful] / [fu:l] ?:) causes a hundred (100) of problems. Well, I tried to find out for myself just 20 sequences of being full, from a rigorous observation how I feel within last 15 months.

Here are my 20 (21) sequences of being full (the list could be continued so):

  1. Constipated
  2. Headache
  3. Feeling tired constantly
  4. Getting tired quickly
  5. Need for unnatural energy boost (in a form of sugar, caffeine, or cakes)
  6. Dry skin, my skin feels like a desert when I am overeating
  7. Dreams, any kind (I know the feeling of blessed sleep with no any dreams, just total relaxation)
  8. Irritated to any external stimulus (a call, a talk, an alarm, other people)
  9. Internal, deep dissatisfaction with myself, which starts just after wake-up in the morning
  10. Dissatisfaction with myself spreading all around, and it is hard for positive person to remain positive than, which leads to:
  11. Internal battle of overthinking and judging myself and everything around: “bad” or “good”, “wrong” or “right”
  12. Tongue plaque
  13. Apathy
  14. Reluctance to do anything, laziness
  15. Desire to complain
  16. Feeling of uncertainty and fear in regards to anything that comes to a mind at that moment
  17. Weight gain
  18. Non-productivity in daily life
  19. Further craving of junk or healthy food (it does not matter which type:))
  20. Swollen face
  21. Oversleeping for 8-9 hours

People, seems that those 20 (21) symptoms are with us on a daily basis and never were abroad!:)

The list could be continued, but let’s finish it for today:) Honestly, I have never thought that being half-hungry is a blessing, until I tried. Don’t judge me (see clause No 11:)), being on self-isolation I went on vegetable juice fasting for two days for the simple reason to start feel better than before.

being on self-isolation I went on vegetable juice fasting for two days for the simple reason to start feel better than before.

It is not a first time I am trying to go on half-fasting, and believe me, it is always hard, but mostly mentally. After several-to-ten attempts, one could see a tiny progress, and that is enough, there is no place to hurry, stay calm at home:).

One could be disappointed (however, see clause No 9 and 10) that getting out of those common 20 symptoms is impossible for him, in his circumstances, how he thinks. However, the power of human is in a process, not in a result. Making first (but not mentally fast) steps takes you to another lever, and there is a beauty… “A beautiful thing is never perfect” – proverb

However, the power of human is in a process, not in a result. Making first steps takes you to another lever, and there is a beauty…

“A beautiful thing is never perfect” – proverb

As I am a human, and therefore, not perfect, here are my 12 mistakes while diving into vegetable juice fasting:

  1. Forgot to drink more water than usual. As a result – a headache, because less toxins were probably washed out but circulating in blood vessels all day long
  2. Made a version of “heathier” vegetable juice by adding turmeric root and cranberries (gave slightly bitter unusual taste). Good idea is to ride ONLY on already known tastes, like beetroot with carrot – amazing and sweet!
  3. Overload myself with household works.
  4. Forgot to be on a fresh air most of the time (I have a balcony, I needed to go there, that is for sure)
  5. Was dealing with a writing of long blog post. Yeah, mental activity should be paused on (half) fasting days
  6. Have put an antenna on my head by scrolling on social and mass media news. Relax, only relax, baby
  7. Cooking tasty dinner for homemates. (Better to announce a light dinner for everyone and make just a simple salad for others. You could be surprised, but many times I heard, a good salad makes everyone satisfying:))
  8. Drank a herbal tea in the evening with 1…2…3…4…5 teaspoons of honey. Honey honey, when it comes, I know for myself, half-fasting is over. Next time will try to withstand a honey attack:)
  9. Overthinking about the feeling of being hungry. (Better to relax with a positive book or relaxing hobby)
  10. Made sports and power exercises. Gush, half-fasting days are for relax, only stretching and breathing exercises are acceptable and welcome
  11. Saving of constipation clog before the start (one should think about enema, or plant-based laxatives, at least, before the start)
  12. Went to sleep later (and therefore did not allow for a body to feel deeper relax)

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Prophylactic self-isolation for Lent quotation. Day 16th.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities. From Religions – Christianity: Lent – BBC

Jesus fasted during his time in the wilderness, and so Christians identify with his suffering by abstaining from particular foods during this time, including meat, fish, milk and egg products. From The Story of Lent | The Children’s Society

Nature gives us all, but its yearly birth in spring time, for birds’ nesting, wild animals to have a possibility joyfully play in their forests, should be respected. By abstaining from particular foods like slaughtered animals, fish, milk and eggs, humankind shows respect to Mother Nature and is more likely to live in harmony on this Planet. During the last decades, all over the world, ignorance and disrespect to Nature has grown into enormous scale.

If not forced by Nature like this year 2020, spring time should always look like this, like self-isolation and peaceful time with yourself and your family: no idle sitting at cafeterias and restaurant, no festivals, no concerts, no festivities at this time! Give a short breathing-space for slaughtered all-year-round animals, for drugs’ overdosed poultry, for the rivers and lakes…

And… what is Easter for us? Buying/selling MORE slaughtered animals and eggs than during Lent time? Buying/selling plastic chicks for table decoration and folding plastic eggs into plastic wrap for children?…The sad story we having within decades…

It’s probably Lent time…

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