Prophylactic self-isolation for beach exploration. Day 73rd.

It’s not my garbage, but it’s my Planet

“Google” for this phrase on internet to see how many people care about our Nature, and our environment. Sadly, while lots of people are already conscious, others remain in “drunk” condition, escaping reality and thinking that someone else need to clean after them. Working in a farm, we all know after whom it is important to clean, right?…

Up to now, I am cleaning the Planet for more than 5 years, and literally it cleans my mind and body. For all those who carry about staying healthy and in-shape – start practice Nature cleaning to see how powerful is absolute devotion to Nature. It does not matter whether I am on vacations or at home, whether I am on a beach, or close to a river, or on a forest path. It is clean wherever I am going, my path is clean and healthy breathing.

On the wild beach, May 2020. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

For many of us, it is already a rule and good habit to collect trashes after our own picnic, etc., and dispose it properly. But when a family member suddenly picks up not his trash on a way – other family members could overcome some discomfort and slight shock: “What are you doing??” Many of us, we still have that mentality that “I am responsible for myself only”. But…what if YOU are that ALL? What if YOU are all this Planet?

That is absolutely possible, but still not many of us are ready to accept that truth. But some of us do. Once in a regional train, a lady shouted on a group of young boys and girls who were rowdy and were littering right there on sits and carriage passage. She was shouted loudly requiring them to clean a space until that young band has lastly collect their garbage. I said to her “Thanks” after. I have not such a loudly forceful voice, but have a WORD, so I am writing here.

The traces that you leave on a life road are talking about you, even after years and miles away.

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Prophylactic self-isolation for travel transformation. Day 48th.

undefined – What if smoking will be forbidden at all the cafeterias and restaurants?

– Nooooooo! No way!!!!! All the restaurants will bankrupt because smokers make the bigger part of the clients.

Funny to read this now?:) But that was the reality around 20 years ago when European Union laws started to be implemented: no smoking in public areas.

undefined – What if the borders will be closed this summer?

-Nooooooo! No way!!!! All tourism industry around the world will bankrupt because tourists from foreign countries are their main source of sustenance.

Seems not funny, but…what if to think differently and discover unexpected good outcome from the situation?

Benefits of staying at home (at your country of living) this summer:

  • save money on travel – your nearest rural tourism places, nearest beach, lake, river, or just grass in the park are waiting for you
  • discover the beauty OF YOUR OWN (of your country:))
  • when we were on vacations somewhere abroad during all those summers, someone who had no financial possibilities to do the same, stayed at home and drank bear at the nearest beaches, lakes, rivers and parks. But… after a party is over they left garbage all around in your country’s Nature. We actually leave alone our countries at the period of the high-pollution-risk each year, letting unconscious citizens to through trash into the Nature’s face.

We actually leave alone our countries at the period of the high-pollution-risk each year, letting unconscious citizens to through trash into the Nature’s face.

Dr. A. Palatronis
  • what if to keep your country safe this summer and not let anyone around you to smash a plastic bag into the face of Nature? The one big ecologic problem of plastic pollution could be solved in months just by us, be you and me staying at home, at the country of living.
  • have you ever thought about the countries, where economic welfare is closely related to tourism? Local people there needed to close their eyes and mouths on perennial touristic garbage, spread just in front of their Nature’s face, just in front of THEIR faces.

Local people in tourism-related countries needed to close their eyes and mouths on perennial touristic garbage

Dr. A. Palatronis

Lastly, and because the River is never the same, I would like to share with you the vision of the new-style touristic vacations. Tourist trips to the beautiful beaches with white sand and hot summer sun would be available – we are going to clean those beaches from the garbage. Touristic trips to exotic countries to clean Nature only. Take your gloves and bags and lets start. Tourism agencies, who’s business is surviving difficult changes these days, should think about advertising Clean-up-Nature kind of tourism, raising our world wide well-being and consciousness (that is the innovative free of charge idea given to you, guys. You could even apply for the financial support from funds to implement it:)). If some kind of invisible traps were able to set for the whole globe these days, could you imagine HOW GREAT MIGHT BE THE VISIBLE job of majority of us, just standing for the healthy Planet, HEALTHY US? Remember, any trash that you saw laying on a street or flying in the air – sooner or later has a great probability to appear in your river. Your river goes to bigger water stream until it reaches the Ocean. Or going by air path, who knows? (everybody knows from the geography class in a secondary school:)). We all are involved in the Ocean pollution, even those who live far far away from it.

Tourism agencies, who’s business is surviving difficult changes these days, should think about advertising Clean-up-Nature kind of tourism raising our world wide well-being and consciousness.

Dr. A. Palatronis

undefined My palm tree and sunny beach are right here, in my imagination, clean and healthy, as everything around me (starting from my shoes, my shelf, my park and space around my modest lake)… Cleaning your space will clean the mind, and if doing it collectively – collective mind will come to the healthy and wealthy state – to the new era of a human being on the Planet Earth.

Painting in soft pastel pencils by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Photo (Smoking lady) by Pexels

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Prophylactic self-isolation for Planet purification. Day 33rd.

Being a servant of Mother Nature

Being a servant of Mother Nature, but not of other human beings.

Before all this COVID started officially in our country, I was in Nature. I was in Nature to rest there and feel the joy of being its part. And got absolute satisfaction for all long day after. So, what did I do there? The same what is already usual for me, the same – I was collecting the garbage from Nature’s folds.

“Fishermen’s” breakfast, most likely

It was quite cold there, and my fingers, gathering tiny shreds of plastic from water were swollen and painful. It was not of worries for me, I was seeking my goal.

Decomposing plastic bag found in water (lake)

Some plastics, garbage were newly left in Nature, but lots of it were there for years and already started to integrate into the soil or dissolving microparticles in natural water pools – a small lake.

Decomposing plastic bag found in soil, already incorporated into it

One could say: “That’s great! You see, plastic is decomposing!” But, we should understand that decomposition of plastic elements to soil or water is a toxic process.

Decomposition of plastic elements to soil or water is a toxic process. More so, it decomposes firstly to smaller particles and birds or animals can mistake it for food. Link for more information:

Animals and birds do not know your rules about garbage bins. Take your garbage with you home!

Would you like to drink water (or to give to your child) if knowing that there are chemical pollutants in it? Of course not. Why do we think the birds, animals and fishes are ready to swallow it?

While collecting garbage from Nature, you naturally are doing reverences, hundreds of times, because you are cleaning the soil and water around.

Reverence is the way of radical respect. By showing our respect to Nature directly, with reverence, we become a part of it and live in harmony with ourselves and the world around.

From the spiritual point of view, Reverence is the way of radical respect. It recognizes and honors the presence of the sacred in everything — our bodies, other people, animals, plants, rocks, the earth, and the waters (by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat at

Reverence is also a powerful physical exercise, connecting lower and upper body parts by enhanced lungs’ ventilation and blood flow.

Guys, I would say with a smile, but the best sport in Nature is collecting garbage! Physical and mental satisfaction are guaranteed!

First day collecting garbage from Nature
Second day collecting garbage from Nature

First time I started to collect OUR (humans’) garbage from Nature in 2014, I guess. In my living region this kind if activity was not well-known, and by myself, I only read on internet that it is possible, but never saw anyone doing that. In people eyes, who were passing by with their dogs, was a confusion – “What does that homeless do?” Is she homeless?… That time I dragged away to the nearest container around 7-10 kg of garbage in each hand. I was so exited! And so well-feeling physically, as after super sports.

Some friends are telling me that it is not my work to do so, there are special services and organisations who deal with clean-ups. Yep, if majority of us are still thinking this way, next generation – we, being elderly, and our children – would probably consume plastics directly as those whales year ago… Link to the info:

Tips for responsible humans:

Even if there is a garbage bin close to your picnic place in Nature – don’t put the garbage there. Take it with you to the city and through away there, because:

  • a) garbage bins at Nature spaces are already jam-packed,
  • b) cleaning services are always busy and those jam-packed bins are staying there for a long time,
  • c) if a wind will blow – it will blow all light garbage plastics away for miles,
  • d) if not a wind – animals, birds will do their job the same day and strew all over the space, because they used to scrabble in bins

Tips for responsible humans after COVID-19:

  • Look around and be sure that everybody around is doing the same (see tips above)

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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